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The Jet Makers

The Aerospace Industry from 1945 to 1972

• Title
• Introduction
• Preface
• Acknowledgements

• I: World War II: Aviation Comes of Age
• II: The Aerospace Industry since World War II: A Brief History
• III: The National Military Strategy: Background for the Government Markets
• IV: The Principal Government Market: The United States Air Force
• V: The Other Government Markets: The Aerospace Navy, the Air Army, and NASA
• VI: Fashions in Government Procurement
• VII: The Heartbreak Market: Airliners
• VIII: Design or Die: The Supreme Technological Industry
• IX: Production: The Payoff
• X: Diversification: The Hedge for Survival
• XI: Costs: Into the Stratosphere
• XII: Finance and Management
• XIII: Entry into the Aerospace Industry
• XIV: Exit from the Aerospace Industry
• XV: The Influence of the Jet Engine on the Industry

• Notes
• Acronyms
• Annotated Bibliography


The Aerospace Industry from 1945 to 1972

Dash 80, photo courtesy The Boeing Company


This is the story of the American aerospace industry and its triumphs and trials during thirty years of fantastic growth. Bright covers all major aspects of the industry, including management, economics, politics, design, production, marketing, and industry-government relations.

"No other analysis exists that is nearly as complete or recent. Bright has missed almost nothing, and he makes perceptive evaluations of the causes and results of the decisions made in the aerospace industry. Particularly fine are his grasp of and ability to present the interplay between industry and government. This will be valuable reading for anyone involved in management at any level in the aircraft industry, and any student in business administration or engineering would profit from reading it."
Glen W. Zumwalt
Distinguished Professor of Aeronautical Engineering
Wichita State University


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